Giving you more options at Mt Eden

From 14 May 2017, you’ll be able to deliver UBA, BBIP and HSNS services from Auckland’s Mt Eden exchange. It offers extra colocation space, redundancy and easier access.

What's happening?

We’re happy to announce the launch of our first new mirror exchange - at Mt Eden. It’s perfect if you need an additional Auckland site, with all the same attributes as our Mayoral Drive exchange. It allows you to handover traffic on the exact same terms.

What's the detail?

The Mt Eden exchange is a mirror of Mayoral Drive’s UBA Point of Interconnect (POI). It inherits all the attributes of the parent exchange, and allows you to order handovers and tail extension on the same terms. The first data switch (FDS) for coverage area will continue to be Mayoral Drive, but the data switch at Mt Eden is designated a handover switch.

Anyone with a handover in Mt Eden will pay exactly the same price (from a tail extension perspective) as Mayoral Drive.

There is no change to the handover feasibility and order process.

Who do I contact?

Please contact your service delivery manager or account manager with any queries or feedback.