Formalising after-hours business provisioning support

Making changes to a business connection usually involves a short service outage, which can be disruptive for business. We have taken your feedback on board and intend to formalise the level of after-hours support that is available for business products, effective 14 February 2021.   


Minimise disruption with after-hours provisioning support 

Change requests can involve a small service outage while the connection is being reconfigured – typically no longer than a few minutes. Examples include changing the bandwidth (e.g. from 100Mb to 1Gb), remapping the circuit to a different handover, etc. 


Our business provisioning teams operate Monday-Friday during the following hours: 

Provisioning team Products they look after Standard operating hours
Fibre Managed Data NGA Business Premium (EBS4), HSNS 8AM – 5PM
Business Premium NGA Business (BS3/3a), Hyperfibre Business 7AM – 7PM
Business Standard Business Evolve (BS2), Small Business Fibre (BS2), Hyperfibre Small Business 7AM – 7PM


Select business products benefit from after-hours provisioning support as set out below: 

Product After-hours support After-hours support price
NGA Business Premium (EBS4) Available 24/7 FREE
HSNS Premium Available 24/7 $102.19*
NGA Business (BS3/3a) Available 24/7 $102.19*
Hyperfibre Business Available 24/7 $102.19*
Business Evolve (BS2) Not available N/A
Small Business Fibre (BS2) Not available N/A
Hyperfibre Small Business (BS2) Not available N/A
HSNS Lite Fibre Not available N/A
HSNS Lite Copper Not available N/A
*The cost of after-hours support is $102.19 for the first hour. Should the required work take longer than an hour, we will charge in additional 15-minute blocks.


After-hours support terms 

All after-hours provisioning support requests are subject to the following terms: 

  1. After-hours provisioning support requests have a 3-week minimum lead time. 

  2. All after-hours provisioning support requests are actioned on an ad-hoc basis and depend on resource availability, except for the recently introduced 24/7 hot cutovers for NGA Business Premium. 

  3. Requests for after-hours provisioning support will be approved at Chorus’ discretion. We may decline a request or propose a reschedule for the following reasons (without limitation):  

    • Resource unavailability for the requested date. 

    • Any planned or unplanned system outage that affects our ability to action your request. 

  4. Except for NGA Business Premium and HSNS Premium, after-hours provisioning support is available only if there is no field technician requirement. 

  5. The after-hours support charge is an hourly rate. You can request multiple qualifying orders to be processed at the same time. 


Requesting after-hours provisioning support 

Please refer to this quick guide which details the process you will need to follow to request after-hours provisioning support. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to your account manager.