Fibre Upgrade Offer - get credits for upgrades above BAU

As our current Broadband Upgrade Offer expires on 30 September 2017, we’d like to support you with a new upgrade offer. In August we proposed a Fibre Upgrade Offer and asked for your feedback. We’ve taken this feedback on board and tweaked our offer slightly.

The $150 contribution now includes both your ADSL and UCLL base, for upgrades to fibre 100Mbps+ plans. We’ll credit you for these connections that are above your usual run rate. Our offer runs for 6 months from 1 October 2017 to 31 March 2018.

Key criteria:

  1. We calculated your average monthly BAU rate for ADSL, and informed you via a letter in August. Your UCLL BAU connection rate can also be provided on request.
  2. For every connection above your BAU threshold, you’ll receive a $150 contribution toward a fibre modem. Note there are no contributions to BAU volumes.
  3. The $150 contribution will be credited when service is given to qualifying connections. These connections must be inflight by 31 March 2018. 
  4. Some addresses may meet the criteria for multiple offers. However, any address eligible for one Chorus offer (e.g. Better Broadband Offer) will be ineligible to also receive credit under this Fibre Upgrade Offer.

We want to deliver a great installation experience for your customers. During the offer period, we’re relying on your accurate order forecasts and also ask for visibility of your promotional activity. We’ll need your help to manage our daily fulfillment limits.

Next steps

You’ll find our Fibre Upgrade Offer’s full terms and conditions in the offer letter here. Please contact your account manager if you’re interested in taking up this offer. You'll need to sign and return the terms and conditions by 30 September 2017.