Fibre Max price decrease now effective

Following the announcement on 28 May 2020, Fibre Max price decreases are now effective.

What's happening

On  27 March, we confirmed we would continue with the proposed price reduction to our Fibre Max (Gig) plans from 1 July 2020. This reduction is going ahead as planned despite the postponement of the proposed CPI adjustment to other specified UFB fibre services.

We have published the new price for these plans with effect from 1 July as set out in the table below.


Next steps

The Fibre Max (Gig) price reductions will take effect from 1 July 2020. Service providers will receive their first invoices reflecting this reduction in the 27 June billing cycle.

You’ll find the updated rate cards and new prices under the ‘pricing’ tab of the ‘support’ section for each of the following products:

Consumer - click HERE for Home Fibre pricing 

Business - click HERE for NGA Evolve pricing 


For any queries please contact your Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager at first instance.