Decommissioning Assurance API v1

In April, we informed you that Assurance API V2.0 was on the way. This launched on 1 October 2022 and now that all customers have cut across and there are no users remaining on V1, we are giving 20 business days’ notice of our plan to decommission V1 on 18 January 2023


What’s the details? 

We are decommissioning Assurance API V1. Onboarding for V1 is already no longer available. Any RSPs taking up the Assurance API will be onboarded to V2.0 and any future development will only go into V2.0. 


Supporting details 

More detail and supporting documentation for this and other APIs is available on the API Developers website



Please email for any support, questions or queries on APIs including onboarding to V2.0.