Chorus virtual fibre lab now live!

Over the last few months (this was a lockdown project), we’ve been working to develop a virtual version of the Fibre Lab tour. Many thanks to those of you who joined us in this journey, took the time to feedback and share their ideas. We are thrilled to announce that the virtual fibre lab tour is now available on the service provider website.



Taking the Chorus Fibre Lab experience to a larger RSP audience

There’s nothing like being at the Fibre Lab and seeing it all for yourself. The Chorus Fibre Lab is an immersive induction into the benefits of fibre. Our custom-made tour makes it real, and visually helps you understand the what, how, and why of fibre a whole lot easier.

So, for those of you who can’t get there, we wanted to bring the Chorus Lab to you - virtually.

We needed to find a way to give you this experience, with the knowledge you need, from selling fibre to your customers and setting expectations through to installation. So, we created a 3D model of the lab. This ‘Virtual Fibre Lab’ will act as a simple visual interface with our videos, information, and training accessible all in one place.

Making it easy for you

  • Anyone (retail service provider) can benefit from it
  • Progress can be tracked, with each ‘subject’ taken adding up to a certificate
  • Flexibility - an ongoing resource to be accessed when required
  • Easily updated when new tech or information becomes available. We’ll be notifying you.
  • Take it at your own pace. You’re not forced to watch one linear video, the information is chunked down to aid comprehension
  • New resources for your online induction programme

Who is the virtual fibre lab for?

  • RSP customer facing teams (sales/customer care).
  • Young, digital native that have varying knowledge and interest levels.
  • New staff.

Getting started

The virtual fibre lab is available at:

To enjoy it, you need to register on the service provider website. This will enable you to track your progress as well and get your certificate! NB- don't forget that you can now use Azure single sign-on functionality. 

Speak to your service delivery team if you’d like to consider this resource for your employee induction programme. We would be pleased to support you for your internal launch.

Considering your feedback

Thanks for your time looking at the MVP version and helping us improve the user navigation and the content.

We’ve considered your feedback and we’ve added closed captions for all the videos for those with hearing impairment - as well as those who just prefer to read as well as listen. We’re also developing new videos related to Hyperfibre:

  • What’s involved in getting your customer onto hyperfibre
  • How to install hyperfibre
  • Getting the best out of your home hyperfibre connection
  • Hyperfibre for business
  • We’re also be adding the speed test

Finally, you should soon be seeing content about Wi-Fi 6. 

These videos will be live in January after the summer break. We’ll continue refresh the content based on your feedback.

This is just the beginning of the journey, so please continue to share with us how you’d like to use this platform so that we can keep it relevant and make it better for you and your teams.

Your Chorus Team