Chorus Portal and B2B changes – new release in September

Last month, we asked for your feedback on the proposed end of July release date for the Chorus Portal changes and whether you would be able to meet this. Based on the feedback received, we are now confirming a new launch date and how this will be released into production.


What’s happening

The feedback we have received shows the constraints of Covid-19 have made it difficult to meet the proposed date in July. Considering this, we have made the decision to postpone the launch date to 25 September 2020.

As this new date falls close to the planned September release of Hyperfibre, we will be combining this change in the same release, which will require Portal and B2B changes to support the national rollout to all UFB 1 areas. The Hyperfibre enhancements are NOT deemed to be B2B breaking changes but we recommend you validate this with your appropriate teams .

We also acknowledge that you would like extra time to test in EMMA, so we will still be proceeding with releasing the changes into EMMA Production as outlined below.

Our team is focusing on continuously improving your experience on Chorus digital tools. As part of planned Chorus Portal enhancements, there will be changes coming in this release that involve four projects.  

The planned release date is 25 September 2020. A detailed pack is available outlining system and operational changes that we need you to be aware of and ready to accept.


We would like your feedback if you think you would be ready technically and operationally for this release date.


What’s happening


Project name

High level overview of what's changing

Order process redesign

As a result of customer consultation last year, we are making enhancements in Chorus Portal/B2B to messaging and updates to improve the customer experience.

Multi CLNE

This release will now confirm if a service is compatible with the ONT or if a truck roll is required to swap the ONT to another version, as well allowing RSPs to select a specific ONT in a multi-ONT premise.

Identity and access management – sign on to the Chorus Portal

Between July & September 2019 users of the new Assurance website began using our new Identity and Access tool; the users of the Chorus Portal will now be migrated as part of this release. 


This will mean that users will log into the Chorus Portal via Microsoft Azure, and usernames will change. Passwords will stay the same.


To support Hyperfibre national launch to all UFB 1 areas. These changes will only impact you if you are consuming Hyperfibre services.


Next steps

  • The Hyperfibre B2B updates will be visible in EMMA targeting 25 August 2020
  • All other B2B changes mentioned in the above table will be visible in EMMA targeting 21 July 2020
  • We are looking to deploy all these changes in production targeting 25 September 2020


Next steps & contact

Please ensure that the changes being introduced will not impact any current ordering processes for existing Chorus products.

Prior to this release we will be doing a readiness check to confirm you are ready to consume these changes, both technically and operationally. Your service delivery manager will be obtaining who the approvers are for your business.

Many thanks in advance for your support.