Cancellation charging remains suspended

Although New Zealand has moved to alert Covid-19 alert level 2 and we’d previously indicated that this reduction in alert level would trigger the start of cancellation charging related to bitstream products, we don’t think the time is right to take that step. We’re letting you know we’re going to keep a watching brief on the situation and wait a bit longer before starting to charge for cancellations.

What’s happening

On 2 April, we advised the suspension of charging under the Cancellation Policy until the majority of New Zealand had returned to Covid-19 alert level 2 or lower.

The move to alert level 2 has not changed the significant impact Covid-19 continues to have on the work we can undertake both within and outside of premises. While we are working with you to address current order backlogs and to meet the demands of increasing new order volumes, we acknowledge that it is not the right time to commence charging for cancellations.

You still have access to the monthly cancellation charging reports produced using the cancellation charging policy methodology. These will allow you to see what you would have been charged (if anything) over the last few months if we’d implemented charging under the policy from 1 March 2020.

Next steps

Once we are ready to commence the charging, we will notify you of the new date. 


For any queries please contact your Account Lead or Service Delivery Manager at first instance.

You'll find a copy of this update on the service provider website.