Assure Channels email notification change

As part of the Assure Technology change that we’ll be deploying in 2019, we’ll modify the email that is sent to you from our Assure system.

What’s changing

We are moving from a text based email notification to an html version. The triggers for sending the email will not change, however there are a number of changes with the content.

These include:

  • For Layer 1 emails, we will be adding close codes for closed notifications.
  • For Layer 2 emails, we will be removing field names when there is no data to be displayed.
  • We will be changing the order the information is displayed in the email.


Supporting details

We have endeavoured to reduce the changes to fields as much as possible for those of you who use this email to automate status change updates into your systems.

You’ll find below the new format of the email notification. You’ll be able to make any changes to the way that you screen scrape information from this email.

The change in the email will be included in the training as part of the on boarding and migration to the new Chorus Assurance website in 2019.


Next steps

Please review the new email notification example to see if you need to make any adjustments to systems or processes.

For all queries please contact your Service Delivery Manager.