To connect properties shared by multiple residents to our fibre network, such as apartments, units and shared driveways, we will have to do some build work. 

This work will fall into one of three build categories depending on the impact it will have on the surrounding property. We will send an information pack to all impacted property owners detailing the initial work we will need to do. 

Build categories

  • Category 1: Installation will have a minimal lasting effect on your customer’s property or shared area. We will give you at least five working days' notice before we start.
  • Category 2: The build method may have some physical impact on the shared areas of your customer’s property. In some instances, customers can lodge an objection.
  • Category 3: The build method may have a significant impact on the shared areas of your customer’s property. We will need consent before we start.

For more information, check out the getting fibre section on our public website for detail on how we are bringing fibre to your customers’ streets to get them connected.

To find out more about the new consent process, check out our support section.