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Live sports streaming takes hold in New Zealand

This report is a snapshot of sports streaming behaviour in NZ. It is based on our monthly consumer survey and we intend to update these results at regular intervals to measure any change in behaviour.

While traditional TV is still the most common method of viewing sports, 28% say they are streaming sports at home these days. Those aged under 30 are more likely to stream than older age groups. For households who use both methods for watching live sports, traditional TV remains the preferred viewing method for now.

Of those who stream live sports, over half (55%) say they are doing so once or more per week. Unsurprisingly all the popular sports in New Zealand (Rugby, Cricket and Football) are the most commonly streamed at home nowadays. The America’s Cup was available free online and about a quarter say they were watching it via streaming. Future major sporting events are likely to have a similar live stream option to maximise reach.

Most consumers are streaming their live sports on large screens whether it be new smart TVs or via chromecast/cables. Those under 30 are more likely to use their mobiles to stream sports.

The key to optimising consumers’ live sports streaming is to ensure they are on the best connection they can get, which for most is a fibre product such as Evolve Max or Hyperfibre. Our product NPS research shows that the faster a fibre plan is the better the end user experience.