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Happy Holidays!

It’s certainly been an amazing year and we thought you would enjoy meeting a few members of our Chorus team …

We’ve achieved a lot together. So, a big thank you to all of you for your contribution and continuous support.


  • we delivered the most watched streamed sport event in NZ, during the Rugby World Cup
  • we connected 75% of installs in just one visit and drove customer satisfaction up to almost 8/10
  • we also delivered fibre to 186,000 Kiwi homes and businesses, and taking total fibre connects to 610,000
  • we made New Zealand N.2 in the world for fibre adoption.

You made our 2019 incredible, let’s make 2020 magic. 

Bringing more little fibre miracles and opportunities across New Zealand.

May your holidays be as exhilarating as Hyperfibre.

Happy holidays