We are making a minor process change to improve the way we manage Failed Fibre Installs


All Failed Fibre Installs should be logged as faults through the Chorus Assurance Website. These will then be investigated by the Chorus Assure team, or sent directly to Service Company technicians where there is a Red Optical light on the ONT. 

Some Failed Fibre Installs require Provisioning/Install work to resolve them, often they are a result of: 

  • Significant renovations that have not followed the proper process 
  • Subdivisions or infill that have not followed the proper process 
  • ONT is in a different address  
  • Original install not fully completed or installed incorrectly 
  • Network not present at the address 
  • Incorrect intact records. 


What are we changing and why? 

For the Failed Fibre Installs that are logged via our Assure channels which require Provisioning/install work, there can be a lack of clarity on what the best resolution is, and which Chorus field force team should be carrying out the work. 

We have formalised an internal process to engage our Regional Network Operations Managers to work with our Service Partners to restore or provide service. We believe that this will result in faster resolution times for customers and less uncertainty through the Assure/Fault process. 

This change will take effect from 30 November 2021

As happens today, there may be cases where the best resolution requires a new Connect or Modify order to be submitted. In these cases, the Chorus Assure team will notify the Service Provider and manage any handover to Chorus provisioning teams. Service Providers will be expected to submit these orders in Chorus Portal as per current process. 

For any queries on a fault, please continue to request updates via the Chorus Assurance Website. If the ticket is closed, then please email 


Failed Fibre Installs for Business Customers 

For Business Failed Installs, continue to use the BAU Escalation matrix to report issues.  

For any scenario where an installation has been signed off in error (i.e. the order has gone Service Given or beyond without the ONT having been installed), these will be accepted as escalation cases under the Provisioning Error category if raised by the RSP. Please use the appropriate BAU Escalation Matrix. 

As interactions and escalations cannot be opened on Portal orders in a Closed status, where the escalation is being raised due to no ONT being installed, RSP’s should submit an escalation case to



If you have further queries, please refer to your account team