Support over the 2017/2018 holiday period

To minimise the risk of customer impacting events occurring when we we’re working with reduced staffing levels, we’ll implement our annual change restrictions on some parts of our network environment.

This year’s holiday restriction period (brown-out) will start at 07:00 on Thursday 21st December 2017 and end at 23:00 on Wednesday 10th January 2018.

Network maintenance & fault restoration We’ll continue to provide full fault restoration capability throughout the holiday period, however, please note that in order to meet standard notification lead times, any work being carried out between the 11th and 18th of January 2018 will need to have the change requests raised before close of business 15th December 2017. Proactive maintenance will continue on-plan for the most part except for work carried out on equipment inside of exchange sites and cabinets that will be restricted during the holiday period

Colocation services Restrictions will be in place for any build work in colocation areas, including the installation of sub-racks and racks or connection of new equipment to power/network services.

There will be no restrictions during the break on customers accessing their equipment in colocation areas for maintenance purposes.

Chorus network build All pre-agreed UFB and subdivision build work will continue as normal. Any build work that creates risk to the existing core and access network elements, will be restricted and deferred until after the holiday period.

Provisioning activity Provisioning activities will continue, although the number of technicians will be reduced in-line with forecasted demand for provisioning work.

Work restriction calendar

Date Copper and fibre provisioning Fault assurance
Thurs 21 Dec BAU operation BAU operation
Fri 22 Dec BAU operation
Sat 23 Dec BAU operation
Sun 24 Dec Closed
Mon 25 Dec Closed
Tue 26 Dec Closed
Wed 27 Dec BAU operation
Thur 28 Dec BAU operation
Fri 29 Dec BAU operation
Sat 30 Dec BAU operation
Sun 31 Dec Closed
Mon 1 Jan Closed
Tues 2 Jan Closed
Wed 3 Jan BAU operation
Thur 4 Jan BAU operation
Fri 5 Jan BAU operation
Sat 6 Jan BAU operation
Sun 7 Jan Closed
Mon 8 Jan BAU operation
Tues 9 Jan BAU operation
Wed 10 Jan BAU operation