Network Events API launches today

Today we launch our Network Events API, an alternative method of accessing information on planned and unplanned events on the Chorus Network. The API is the second component of the Network Events project, with the Network Events portal having launched on the 15th May 2018.

Feedback on the portal has been positive and has been noted for its ability to deliver efficiencies and clear information it delivers. It can be accessed under Support.

Like the Portal, the API provides details on what may be impacted, the type or duration of the impact, the work being carried out, as well as progress updates during unplanned events and remediation activities. However, the API can be integrated directly into your tools and systems to enable more efficient handling of customer transactions and your operational team’s activities.

We believe the API will strengthen the improved experience noted from the introduction of the Portal as it can be used to support internal operations, manage customer’s expectations and deliver efficiencies in the handling of transactions and your team’s activities. The API can be accessed through our API Developers website.

The Portal and API are in addition to the current Network Events email notifications that you receive.

Please contact for any support or with any questions or queries. Or if you would like our API team to spend some time with you to learn more, we’re happy to. Feel free to ask your Service Delivery Manager to arrange this.

24/05/2018: Chorus is commencing a project to increase security for everyone using our API,  and improve load balancing to enhance performance. From approximately August 2018 onwards this will require a small change by application owners (sandbox and production) to point API applications to a new URL.  All applications will be reminded of this during the registration process.  As specific project dates are confirmed, API application owners will receive further communication