Launching Premium Colocation at the Mt Eden exchange

Give your customers faster cloud access. We’re using the space inside our exchanges to host your cloud, starting at Mt Eden.

What's happening?

From September, you’ll be able to purchase Premium Colocation rackspace in a fully self-contained environment. This service has been specifically designed for enterprise equipment hosting. Check out our video to see a walk through of the facility. We’ll also send invites to the launch event at De Post, Mt Eden shortly.

What's the detail?

As more New Zealand businesses move to cloud based services, we’re seeing more demand for data storage and computing capacity.

We’re in a unique position to offer you space inside our existing exchanges, with highly secure facilities. You’ll also gain access to our suite of complementary network products, such as dark fibre and transport solutions.

If demand is high enough, we’ll continue rolling these out across the country. For more information, visit our Premium Colocation page.

Who do I contact?

For queries or to register for a tour, please contact your Account Manager. If you’d like to attend the launch but don't receive an invitation by 2 September, please email