Kicking off fibre incentive offer consultation

What’s happening

With our ‘Mix It Up’ offer now in its 10th month, we’d like to get your feedback on how we might amend this offer to best help you help kiwis access New Zealand’s best broadband experience. Consultation starts now, and feedback is sought until 28 February 2020.

Proposed changes to our Fibre ‘Mix It Up’ offer

It’s important our offers work for the RSP community, to help us achieve this, we would like your feedback on our proposed amendments to Mix It Up.

We are proposing to make two amendments to the current Mix It Up offer:

  1. Introduce a Bonus Credit to the ‘Connect to 100M+’ incentive starting sometime after 31 March 2020 and ending before 1 July 2020, that focuses on our inactive fibre intact addresses; and
  2. Extend Mix It Up to 31 December 2020 with some amendments.

Any customers who have not signed up will have the opportunity to do so to take part in our Q4 (1 April to 30 June 2020) with bonus credit and extended offer.

While we intend to keep the current format of the Fibre ‘Mix it up’ offer (i.e. you earn credits if you meet eligibility thresholds for both 100M+ and Gig plans), we’re proposing a few key changes to the terms of the offer.

Introduce Bonus Credit to Connect to 100M+ incentive:

Customers who are signed up to the Mix It Up offer and have met the 100M+ threshold who convert a selected address (from our list of inactive ONTs) will be eligible for additional credit of;

  1. up to $250 where an address has been offnet for 3 months or more, or
  2. up to $50 where an address has a copper connection where an inactive ONT exists.
Extend our offer to 31 December 2020 with amendments on both incentives:
  1. Connect to 100M+:
    1. Credits for new connect orders of up to $60,
    2. Credits of up to $300 may be available for selected Offnet addresses for a specified bonus period within the offer,
    3. Considering extending the clawback period to 24 months ,
    4. 30M upgrades to 100M will no longer apply for a credit.
  2. Get to Gig:
    1. Reducing the number of credit tiers from three to two,
    2. Lower tier starts from 20% and next tier at 50%,
    3. Credits proposed to remain at 1 April – 30 June 2020 levels.

For more information on these proposed amendments please refer to our consultation pack in the resources section.

Disclaimer: This proposed offer, including the indicative financial incentives identified, remains under development and is still in the consultation phase. In addition, it remains subject to internal approval processes. We can’t guarantee the details of the proposed offer will be reflected in the terms of final offer without amendment. The final offer we choose to launch in due course may differ (sometimes significantly) from this proposal.

Next steps

We would like your feedback on these two amendments by 28 February 2020, please contact your Account Lead to discuss further. We will be looking at all feedback, accessing the level of interest these amendments may generate and how you intend to maximise these new credits as opportunities, which will ultimately determine the outcome of the final offer.