Hyperfibre Tail Extension - new product consultation

We're looking to expand our current NGA Tail Extension Service (TES) to include Hyperfibre and would like your feedback.   


What's the detail? 

To enable you to serve customers in a wider area without the need to expand your backhaul network, we are looking to offer Hyperfibre Tail Extension Service.

Today an individual Hyperfibre access service can only be handed over locally – on a handover connection at a POI for the local candidate area.

For Hyperfibre 2000 Mbps (2Gig) and 4000 Mbps (4Gig) plans, we are introducing TES to Point of Interconnections (POIs) nationwide. For Hyperfibre 8000 Mbps (8Gig) plans, we are introducing TES to POIs located in the areas where these plans are offered (i.e. between Auckland and Wellington POIs).  


We are seeking your feedback on pricing for the proposed Step Charges as outlined below: 

Low Traffic Class (LTC) Mbps

High Traffic Class (HTC) Mbps

HF plan category

A  same region

B  same island

C  diff. island



HF Consumer/ Small Business






HF Business HTC 10Mb






HF Business HTC 20Mb






HF Business HTC 50Mb






HF Business HTC 100Mb





Next Steps


  • Wed 1 Dec – Feedback period starts 
  • Wed 22 Dec – Feedback period ends
  • Thu 23 Dec – Fri 21 Jan – We will review feedback received
  • Wed 26 Jan – Provide you a high-level summary from feedback received and formal notice of our proposal including launch date and pricing    
  • May 2022 – proposed launch of new product      


Who should I contact with my feedback?

For more information and to share your feedback on this proposal, please contact your account team.