Expanding our VDSL upgrade offer

We’re enhancing our VDSL upgrade offer to include transfers outside our UFB areas. We’re also increasing our modem contribution, to make it more attractive.

What's happening?

In June, we launched our Basic VDSL upgrade offer to get New Zealanders on better broadband (see Informer 376).

From 1 January 2017, we’ll also waive our transfer charges for end customers upgrading and transferring to Basic VDSL (for ‘connection only’ installs outside our UFB areas). We’re also increasing our VDSL and fibre modems' contribution to $100, and crediting you earlier.

For end customers outside our UFB areas, who upgrade and transfer to Boost VDSL* - we’ll also credit the modem contribution too.

What's the detail?

With so many homes and businesses still on ADSL, we’re enhancing our existing nationwide VDSL upgrade offer.

If you already signed our Basic VDSL upgrade offer, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll be able to take up the offer benefits, from 1 January 2017. If you haven’t signed the Basic VDSL upgrade offer, you’ll need to sign the offer letter to be eligible.

This revised VDSL upgrade offer amends and restates the Basic VDSL offer. 

Every month, we’ll identify the charges applied to these connections, and apply credits to cover:

  1. ‘Connection only’ cost for a broadband change plan to Basic VDSL. Pricing as per STD price list, and applies for every connection nationwide.
  2. ‘Connection only’ cost for a broadband transfer that includes upgrade to Basic VDSL. Pricing as per STD price list, and applies for every connection outside our UFB areas.
  3. Outside our UFB areas, we’ll contribute up to $100 for VDSL and fibre capable modems, for every connection upgraded to Basic VDSL OR transferred and upgraded to Basic VDSL/Boost VDSL. The $60 contribution will be credited at the time of the transaction. The $40 credit will be applied 6 months later, if the end customer remains on VDSL.

Please note these exclusions:

  • New connection / move address / disconnection orders.
  • Basic VDSL ‘connection and wiring’ installations.
  • Basic VDSL ‘connection, wiring and modem’ installations.
  • Broadband change plan to Boost VDSL.
  • Issues due to internal premise wiring and/or CPE.

Analysis of our network's data shows that 97% of households that upgrade to VDSL, get 12 Mbps minimum, with speeds up to 70 Mbps. (Source: Chorus network data).

For full details, see the VDSL Upgrade Offer.


*For Boost VDSL there are no transfer, plan change or connection charges. The monthly rental is currently $44.99. The requirements for ordering Boost VDSL are set out in the Boost Service Appendix, which can be found here. Alternatively, please contact your account manager.

Who do I contact?

If you'd like to discuss in more detail or to sign up, please contact your account manager.