Check out our new Business Training Videos

Business Training Videos

Our new series of business training videos are now available. The videos are designed to help guide you through our entire suite of business products – from Small Business Fibre/Hyperfibre (Bitstream 2) to our premium point-to-point product – NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4).

There are four short videos (between 2 –3 minutes long): 

  1. Broadband basics for business 

  2. Small Business Fibre & Hyperfibre Small Business

  3. NGA Business and Hyperfibre Business

  4. NGA Business Premium

The series is housed in the training section of this website and we encourage you to watch the videos in order, starting with an informative video for those new to the industry (or in need of a refresher) outlining the building blocks of a broadband connection, and moving into the product videos with new features being added as you move up the suite from entry level to premium business. 

We also encourage you to use these videos as part of your own employee induction programmes, to help staff get up to speed on the features and benefits of our business product portfolio so you can explain the advantages of fibre for your business customers, big or small.



For any questions regarding these videos, or to request downloadable versions, please contact either Darren Kelly, Business Product Owner, or Tessa Kaio, Marketing Lead B2B.