Broadband Availability API and Broadband Checker Business API – Hyperfibre update

Customers are connecting faster to Hyperfibre than ever before as we have upgraded a significant portion of our Hyperfibre exchange equipment and automated most of the provisioning process. 

We are now updating our Broadband Availability API and Broadband Checker Business API to ensure you have visibility of the enhanced lead-time where appropriate 

The current APIs have a lead-time that is calculated as 20 days to account for the exchange work plus the schedule lead time for the technician to come swap out the ONT. 

As a result of the ongoing proactive exchange upgrades to scale Hyperfibre, we now have over 379k addresses where we no longer need the 20 day buffer, as customers are getting upgraded in as little as 2 days.

The new lead time value will consider the network topology feeding the address to give an accurate indication of how long it will take to upgrade the existing ONT. If there is no ONT installed at the address, it will indicate how long it will take to install a new Hyperfibre ONT. 

These values can be found in the following fields in their respective APIs. Additional information will be published on our API developer website. 

This information will be useful for your sales channels to be able to set realistic expectations with your customers when they are investigating or ordering Hyperfibre.  

We will be upgrading our broadband checker tool on our public website, to help set expectations for those end-customers who visit our site before they approach you. 

The business broadband checker tool on our Service Provider (SP) website will also include this information to help when building an upgrade plan for a business customer.   

This API change will take place on 7 December 2023



If you have any questions regarding this, please get in touch with your account team.