Assurance website February and March updates

We will be deploying enhancements to the Assurance Website in February and March.

What are the details?

We will be delivering two enhancements to the Chorus Assurance website on 13 February and again in March.

We are not expecting an outage for this release, however there may be a small disruption to service as the new code is deployed.

Network Events

Currently only a subset of Chorus services is corelated to our network events database and can therefore be linked to the network event incident. The release will correlate additional Chorus services to the network events database and allow them to be linked to a network event.

The network events database contains details of any service impacting unplanned (alarm triggered and 200+ copper pair cable events) network events.

Validated Products that we currently correlate to network events and the Unvalidated Products that we will correlate to network events following Mid-February Release:

Current validated products Additional mid-February release un-validated products
HSNS Lite - Copper Chorus Regional Transport (CRT)
HSNS Lite - Fibre Intra Candidate Area Backhaul (ICABS)
HSNS - Premium Direct Fibre Access (DFAS)
Handover Links Bandwidth Fibre Access (BFAS)
Enhanced Unbundled Bitstream Access (EUBA) NGA - Enhanced Business Premium
Basic Unbundled Bitstream Access (BUBA)  
NGA - Residential  
NGA - Business and Education  

Related Services

Where your copper voice or DSL service has a related (clothed) service on the same copper line, details of this related service are now displayed on the Assurance website. If you own both services, full details for both services are displayed. If the secondary service is owned by a different retail service provider no information is provided but the message “There is a related service on this line owned by a different RSP” will display. Fault management will always follow the flow of the ASID supplied.

Additional Copper Diagnostics

The below Additional Copper Diagnostics will be made available and will retrieve information or provide diagnostics for your Customer Service Representatives:

  • Line State Diagnostics
  • Electrical Loop
  • Line Quality Diagnostics
  • Port Refresh
  • USI Information Retrieval (shown as part of the Service Information details and not a separate test)
Test Fault History

We will be now displaying any history of faults recorded against an ASID. This will assist your Customer Service Representative to see if similar issues have occurred in the past on this ASID and be able to recognise potential fault patterns that may be able to identify a root cause.

Fibber/Copper Restrict fault Type

We have now been able to collect and analyse fault data throughout Assurance website that has allowed us to better refine the way we classify fault types. We will be making some minor changes to fault types that can be selected to more efficiently get faults to the correct Chorus resolver groups.


Please contact your Chorus Service Delivery Manager if you have any concerns or questions.