A Fibre Failed Install results when a customer’s install order completes through Chorus systems but circumstances (i.e., changes at customer premise, records issues, network errors) prevent the service from working. ​

A fault is then raised by the RSP for Chorus to investigate. 



All Failed Fibre Installs for Consumer and Business customers are to be logged via Chorus Assurance Website

​For any queries on an open Problem Report, please continue to request updates via the Chorus Assurance Website. If the ticket is closed, then please email

There may be cases where the best resolution requires a new 'Connect' or 'Modify' order to be submitted via Chorus Portal. In these cases, the Chorus Assure team will notify you and manage any handover to Chorus provisioning teams: ​

  • You will be expected to submit these orders as you do today. ​

  • In this scenario, the Assure Problem report will be closed and Chorus provisioning will manage the case to completion. ​

  • Continue to request for updates via Chorus Portal order. 



For Business Failed Installs, continue to use the BAU Escalation matrix to report issues.​    ​ For Chorus Portal orders in a Closed status, where the escalation is being raised due to no ONT being installed, submit an escalation case via email to ​

In the escalation email, please include:​

Email Subject : 'Fibre Failed Install – Order ID'​

Email Body: ​

  • Portal ID (on which the order went to Service given)​

  • Brief description of the issue ​

  • Customer name and contact details (if different than the one provided on the previous Portal order)​

  • Photo of the ONT with the lights and serial number visible, or the Comms room where the ONT was planned to be installed (in case ONT not installed at all) and any other supporting information.​

  • Impact to the business (financial, security alarms etc).​

Our Business Escalation team will update you as per BAU escalation process.


You can download a copy of this process here