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Consumer FY24 incentives (from July 2023)


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Following on from our initial consultation in November 2022, we would appreciate your feedback as we look to develop the insight into an incentive framework. 


Key insights for us to take forward  

  • Incentives are valued by RSPs   
  • The current framework is not driving RSP activity to the same extent as it initially did. MIU has helped some RSPs with funding marketing activity however some RSPs have indicated that it doesn’t materially make any difference to their activity / resource planning  
  • Simplicity and transparency would be appreciated   
  • Off-net acquisition is increasingly challenging, requiring more resource to acquire  
  • RSPs appreciate frameworks that support different strategies or propositions i.e., provide RSP autonomy to achieve specific goals could be effective.  


Next steps  

Based on the insights gathered, we have created a new framework and would appreciate your feedback on some key elements here. This consultation is open today until 9 March 2023.  



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