By requesting an estimate through QuickQuote you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The QuickQuote process is designed to simplify pricing requests by providing you with a binding quote for service requests (building works) to allow you to the business case or otherwise base a decision on whether to proceed further with your request.  

  2. The quote for the Building Works will remain valid for acceptance by you for 90 business days from the date it is given. You must confirm acceptance in writing before the quote’s expiry date. If not accepted before the expiry date the quote will automatically be withdrawn and incapable of acceptance.  
  3. The quote assumes Chorus will provide the building works on a ‘like for like’ basis but otherwise has complete discretion around the building works. You acknowledge that Chorus will not have carried out any physical inspection of the property before the quote is presented to you. The quote therefore cannot anticipate every circumstance and the following exclusions apply unless you specifically request for one or more of these to be included in the quote: 
    1. Traffic management plan costs; 
    2. All permits and consents of any kind including close approach permits, RMA, other utilities, road opening notices and NZ railway consents;
    3. Any information received from you that does not accurately represent the work required to be carried out on-site;
    4. Any changes to scope caused by you or a third party (other than Chorus contractors) including changing the location of the connection;
    5. Asbestos management or other Health and Safety issues and associated costs;
    6. Any costs associated with operating in a confined space (an enclosed or partially enclosed space not intended or designed for human occupancy);
    7. Any site-specific civil work, engineering, excavation or earthworks including drilling of solid rock or broken rock;
    8. Costs of operating on elevated work platforms or similar equipment;
    9. Fire stopping of a wall or wall up to 300mm thickness;
    10. Any third-party consultants;
    11. Reinstatement of surfaces using materials other than concrete, chip seal or asphalt including specialist, imported or high-grade materials such as specialist substrates, moulded concrete or cobblestones. Increased reinstatement thickness over that required by the local Road Controlling Authority;
    12. Customer-specific requests to undertake more expensive building works (for example, the customer wants trenching, but surface mounting is an option);
    13. Arborist costs.  
  4. If any of the above exclusions apply, we may vary our quote by notice in writing to you. We will use reasonable endeavours to notify you as soon as we become aware of any material variations to our quote. You agree to pay for any variations.  
  5. Upon acceptance of a quote the building works will be provided on the standard terms and conditions.  
  6. All pricing information contained in a quote is confidential. You agree that you will not share any pricing information contained in a quote with any third party without our consent.