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Post-2020: PONFAS

To support the delivery of our fibre unbundling product (PONFAS) from January 2020, we have been running an industry consultation program to better understand the needs and requirements from potential unbundlers.


 The consultation started in June 2018 and focuses on three streams: 

  • Service design- this consultation has included Chorus releasing multiple documents including an initial technical paper explaining how the Chorus network is designed, through to iterative PONFAS product construct descriptions based on RSP feedback. We will now finalise a service description, along with the PONFAS operations manual and service level terms, later this year.
  • Pricing for core and ancillary elements- after consultation we have now finalised our core and ancillary charges based on the proposed service design.
  • Consumption and customer experience design- for interested unbundlers, Chorus’s proposed PONFAS customer connection processes will be available for discussion. This stream of work has not yet commenced.


For any queries related to the consultation plan, please contact Richard Fry our Unbundling Business Manager –