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Post-2020: PONFAS

To support our industry changes post-2020, an industry consultation plan was put in place since June 2018 and will be run through until 2020…


This consultation plan will comprise of three streams: 

  • The Layer 1 Unbundling stream will support the delivery of the Layer 1 Unbundled product suite that will be in market at the beginning of 2020. To supplement the previously released technical discussion documents we have now released a final proposed “PONFAS Service Description” and our “PONFAS Pricing Principles” & a proposed PONFAS price.
  • The Layer 2 Fibre Portfolio stream will seek feedback on the Consumer and Business Bitstream plans, ensuring that the plan line up is optimised to your requirements post-2020.  This stream will also provide updates on the 10GPON trial underway via the Chorus lab.
  • The Contract Framework stream was initiated via the TCF Product Forum in June and discussion on this topic will remain within the TCF framework. The Dialogue sessions and the website will be used however to ensure that all of you have access to the consultation status and relevant documents.


For any queries related to the consultation plan, please contact Richard Fry our Unbundling Business Manager –