UFB & RBI POIs & timings

We’ve aligned RBI fibre's handover Points Of Interconnect (POI) with the UFB handover POIs, to give you one location to service both urban and rural fibre customers.

We’ve changed to common handover POIs for our RBI and UFB fibre services. This means you can now aggregate your RBI and UFB fibre traffic from within the same catchment area. This helps reduce the cost and complexity of servicing customers in areas where there were previously two different handover locations, for the same region. 

Please note that it doesn't apply to all POIs. There are a handful of instances where you might need a POI in more than one place, where previously you needed only one. We've also created a priority user lists identifying which handover they map back to. There is no change to RBI priority user handover arrangements.

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Aligned UFB and RBI POIs and deployment timings
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