Great for everyday activities like web browsing, online banking and emailing, ADSL is our basic broadband service. ADSL is the most commonly used type of broadband technology because it relies on our legacy copper network to connect.

With ADSL (Basic UBA or BUBA) you can provide basic broadband access over our copper lines and still get speeds up to 7.5Mbps (download) and 1Mbps (upload). ADSL is best suited to customers who live in areas where our ADSL2+ network is yet to be rolled out. It comes complete with national Tail Extension, meaning we’ll transport the traffic back to your handover connections. Add Baseband IP and you’ll have traditional voice too.

With ADSL2+ (Enhanced UBA or EUBA), we provide broadband access over copper lines between the home and the cabinet / exchange, then fibre connectivity to your equipment. This delivers speeds up to 24Mbps (download) and 1Mbps (upload). Suitable for both internet and voice traffic, ADSL2+ is a good option for customers who live long distances from our network and are unable to get VDSL.


Benefits to retail service providers

  • Readily available nationwide: ADSL relies on our legacy copper network to connect. With phone lines already in place for most homes and business across the country, ADSL is available to most of New Zealand.
  • Seepd: ADSL2+ delivers speeds up to 24Mbps (download) and 1Mbps (upload).

Benefits to consumers

  • Basic broadband: supports everyday activities like web browsing, online banking and emailing.
  • Dedicated line: ADSL provides a dedicated line to your property so your broadband is just for your household. This means the connection from our network to your property won’t slow down significantly in busy times like nights and weekends.

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