Trialling Chorus 10Gigabit PON technology with Kiwis

Following on our industry webcast in November, we are thrilled to be introducing 10Gigabit-PON trial to you and your customers in the consumer & SME market in March next year.

We would like to partner with you to deliver the world’s fastest broadband experience to kiwis. Customers are ever demanding higher and higher speeds and this is showing no signs of slowing down. 


10Gigabit-PON is definitely coming and we would like to invite you to participate in this trial. In fact the game is already on in few countries around the globe, and the good news is that it’s time for us to join them and unleash the full potential of our world-leading fibre broadband network. 

What’s happening

We are making the initial phase of this trial available to a total of 30  end customers in the following three areas:

  • Avondale in Auckland
  • Birkenhead in Auckland
  • Johnsonville in Wellington


We will be sharing more details on the selection process for trial customers along with a trial offer letter with you before Christmas.

Your input on potential demand for 10Gigabit-PON services would be greatly appreciated. We are keen to understand if you have more customers both inside and outside these initial pilot areas that may be interested to participate in the pilot. If there is sufficient demand, we will assess the suitability and viability of expanding the pilot, both within these exchanges and elsewhere.


Supporting details

To support the high bandwidth requirement for a successful trial, we will offer you a 10Gbps handover connection in Auckland and/or Wellington for free for the duration of the pilot restricting to set of Chorus exchanges, dedicated for customers that sign up to the trial.


This will provide at least 10Gbps spare bandwidth on each of the handover connections at peak time for this pilot to be successful.

There will be no cost to connect your customers to the 10Gigabit-PON pilot. The monthly recurring charge will be identical to the Consumer and SME Max plans.


Next steps

If you are keen, please register your interest early with your Account Lead or Account Manager.

In order to participate in the trial you will have to sign a trial agreement, which will be made available to you before Christmas.

As part of this update we will be sharing the trial customer selection process and how we will be supporting you in finding the customers who will get the most out of this trial before Christmas. For all other queries please contact your Account Lead.