Marketing activities – what’s coming up?

Our marketing roadmap details the activities that we’ll run from January to June this year to help kiwis to get connected to the best available broadband on the Chorus network.

What’s coming up?

  • January onwards - AM Show sponsorship 
    We’re again a proud sponsor of the AM Show, as per previous years we’ll be utilising our in-show segments to educate and support customers to have the best broadband experience.
  • Live from 28 January 2019 - Stream Big New Zealand 
    Our streaming campaign continues to encourage more kiwis to get connected to fibre for the best streaming experience. The campaign includes TV, digital, PR and social media activity, and will run most of this year.
  • February - Vectored VDSL awareness activity
    In December we stickered over 300 Chorus cabinets across the country that had been upgraded to vectored VDSL. This was supported by a small social media campaign and in February we’ll be doing regional press to further raise awareness of the network upgrade in relevant areas.
  • Mid-February - Business fibre campaign focussed on the SME market
    We’ll be launching a campaign targeted at SME customers with a focus on educating SMEs on the benefits of a business fibre plan.
  • Late-February - Setting customer expectations in the lead up to the Rugby World Cup
    We’ll be making a market and public announcement in late February giving an indication of our projected volume of fibre connections we would be able to complete before the Rugby World Cup. We are doing this to help set customer expectation and pull demand forward.  More details to come later in February.
  • 10 March 2019 - Brand campaign launch
    Off the back of our brand identity change in 2018 we will be launching our long-term brand campaign to market in March. Full details of this will be provided on 18 February 2019.
  • 13 March - Market Development Fund
    The latest funding round closed on 01 February. The next round will open on 13 March advertising in April-June.
  • April - GIG product advertising campaign
    In April, we will launch a campaign focussed on encouraging consumers to connect to the highest speed consumer fibre plans. More details to come in March.



You’ll find all the details in our marketing pack below..

Next steps

For any more information please contact your account lead or contact Kate Murchison from our marketing team: