Chorus Business continuity - 12 May 2022

We have removed our vaccination mandate for anyone accessing our sites and technicians entering end customer premises effective 10 May 2022.

A lot has changed in our environment since we implemented our COVID-19 response policy in January, which mandated vaccination, including government and WorkSafe updates in relation to vaccine passes no longer being required as part of the New Zealand COVID-19 Protection Framework. 

This changing environment combined with strong sentiment from our people and our service partners means we have made the decision to remove the need to be vaccinated or provide proof of vaccination to access our sites and for technicians entering end customer premises from 10 May 2022.

The details

We recognise that COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, but believe that the current vaccination protection, alongside other important controls like mask wearing and social distancing will keep your customers and our technicians safe. We are still encouraging our people and service partners to be vaccinated in line with government and medical advice, but we are no longer mandating this.  Based on our decision to remove the vaccination mandate we have made the following changes:

Access to Chorus sites

  • From 10 May 2022: We are going back to our pre-mandate position, and anyone will be permitted to work from, access or visit our corporate offices, exchanges, and other buildings that we manage as needed.

Technicians entering end customer premises

  • From 10 May 2022: We are going back to our pre-mandate position, and all technicians will be able to enter your customers premises to complete work. 
  • Proof of vaccination status: Our technicians will no longer show their vaccination pass on arrival at the premises. However, our service partners will continue to have a mechanism for identifying proof of vaccination status to ensure vaccinated technicians can be sent to locations where vaccination is required to access the premises, whether that is customer requested or government mandated sectors. 
  • RAT testing: If you have a customer who requires a negative RAT test on arrival such as retirement / lifestyle villages please include this in your order or fault and we will accommodate this request.

Changes to the install and assure customer experience

  • Safety statement: We are updating our safety statement used across collateral, website, notification, and interactions with customers to remove mention of vaccination. 

“To keep you and our technician safe, whenever we visit your home of business to install a broadband network connect, or fix a fault, checks will be carried out beforehand to ensure everyone is feeling well. In addition, our technicians will be wearing a mask and will maintain social distancing”

  • Pre-screening call: We have updated our pre-screening call script to focus primarily on whether anyone in the household is sick or isolating effective from 13 May 2022
  • Requesting a vaccinated technician: If you have a customer who requests a vaccinated technician, please include this in your order or fault. Please note that whilst we can accommodate this request, it may result in a delay to your order. 


For any further details, please contact your account team.