Amortisation now available for HSNS Premium and vDFAS build costs

What's happening?

To remove build cost barriers to fibre uptake in areas outside of Chorus UFB, we are offering an amortisation for build costs for HSNS Premium and vDFAS.

What’s the detail?

From the 1st August 2018, you will be able to amortise build costs higher than $10,000 for HSNS Premium and vDFAS in non UFB areas.

This new service is targeted at Corporate or Enterprise customers that want a point-to-point fibre service for greater security, bandwidth or diversity.

Commercial terms:

  • Minimum contract period and early termination charges apply.
  • Where a customer amortises, the premium (or interest rate) will be 6.8% per annum.

Next steps

For more information please contact your Account Manager.