To encourage households to upgrade to fibre and receive up to $360 in credit

We have extended the core Mix it Up offer through to 31 December 2022

We are focused on encouraging households not currently on fibre to connect, and those who are to upgrade their speed plan for a better experience. 

From 1 July 2022 we are making the following change to the Mix it Up offer: 

The two Get-to-Gig tier thresholds will reduce from 20%-40% and 40%+ to 15%-35% and 35%+ respectively. We have done this in response to feedback from retailers that ‘Getting to the Gig’ may be more difficult in the short term due to the recent value-added Big Fibre Boost to 300Mbps (from 100Mbps). 

To participate in and get paid credits under this offer, you will need to: 

  1. Sign and return the offer terms by 30 June 2022; and 
  2. Have a total order mix that meets the quarterly thresholds below:  



Which connections are eligible for credits?

Credits will be applied to residential connections once their status changes to “Service Given” and that are: 

  • new-to-Chorus-fibre (first-time install or an address with an intact ONT that has been offnet >30 days) that connects to a 300Mbps or 1Gig or Hyperfibre 2/4/8Gig plan; or 
  • existing Chorus fibre connections upgrading speed to a 1Gig or Hyperfibre 2/4/8Gig plan. 

Credits will be paid on the following consumer/residential plans:

  • NGA Evolve 100-20-2.5-2.5 (boosted to 300Mbps download and 100Mbps upload speeds)
  • NGA Consumer Max 500-2.5-2.5
  • Home Hyperfibre 2000, 4000 and 8000

Please note, the following will not be eligible for a credit:

  • Transfers between RSPs
  • orders to/from a secondary plan 
  • orders received as a "modify attribute", or 
  • new connections for handover link migration where there is no plan upgrade
  • connections to business plans or other plans not listed in eligible list.

What happens if I sell lots of 50Mbps plans (i.e. > 15% of my total mix)?

If your order mix of 300M (or above) does not reach the 85% threshold you will not be eligible for any “connect to 300Mbps credits”. However, you may still be able to achieve “Get to Gig” eligibility thresholds. Remember: plan change volume is also included in order mix so you may be able to lift yourself above the 85% threshold by upgrading existing fibre customers to faster plans!

When do you expect to be able to confirm details of your 1 Jan-30 June 2023 plans? 

Under our regulatory framework, we need to apply for incentives expenditure approval; current approved spend runs to 31 December. We’re currently applying for 2023 spend, and as part of that process, the Commerce Commission will also invite stakeholder feedback on Chorus’ incentive programmes - make sure to have your say.  Before confirming further plans, we’ll need the opportunity to review our incentives to reflect both this approval process as well as any market changes.  This will help us ensure incentives are correctly pitched to achieve increases in fibre connections and upgrades. That means we’ll confirm our 2023 plans later in the year.

When do you make incentive payments?

We assess MiU achievements at the end of each quarterly period and make bulk payments following the end of that relevant quarter. e.g., for the Jan-Mar quarter, calculations will be done in Apr and credits on those "service given" within that quarter will be applied to the bill in the Apr ‘bill run’. However, if orders change status to “service given” after the quarter ends, we’ll assess it in the month it changes, and pay you outside of the quarterly cycle (provided the order is “service given” within three months of the quarter ending.)

Can we get monthly reporting?

We are constantly assessing how to improve the reports we have, however, because MiU is assessed and paid quarterly, any updates provided outside of the quarterly reporting will only be an estimate due to the exclusion of disconnections and clawbacks. 

What happens if I upgrade my 200M customers to 300M, do I get a credit?

No. 200 Mbps plans were recently boosted to Gig speed and were included in the Gig threshold counts for the Oct–Dec 2021 quarter. We no longer pay credits for moving from 200Mbps to either the 300Mbps (as this would be a speed downgrade and may incur a clawback) or the Gig plans (as there is no speed change).  

Over what period will you assess the thresholds, a week, a month, or 3-months?

We assess the thresholds over 3-months.

How have you chosen these threshold levels?

We take into consideration the current order mix across the industry, the opportunities for upgrades as well as the opportunities the incentive payments give RSPs.

Why are you continuing to use thresholds for your incentives?

We use thresholds to encourage RSPs to take actions above business-as-usual and they allow us to provide further credits to those whose order mix shows they are taking that action.


Any other questions?

Contact your account team. 


  • Upgrade existing fibre connections
  • Extended until 31 Dec 2022
  • Hyperfibre credits until 31 Dec 2022

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