EXPIRED OFFER: Better Broadband Offer


We want to help you acquire new customers to add to your base, or upgrade targeted customers. We’ve developed two prospect lists, who we believe will benefit most from better broadband.

The first list is of customers who are not currently on our network (Non Chorus network list). The second list is of customers that may require more encouragement to migrate (Targeted upgrade list).

For a short period of time we have re-opened this offer to enable customers who did not sign to participate for the final month. Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested by 31 May 2018.


We'll pay credits for upgrading customers on either list. 

This offer runs for 9 months from 1 October - 30 June 2018, with the ability to extend or restrict the period. The offer will only be available for the month of June for those service providers who signed up to the offer when we re-opened it in May 2018. For terms and conditions, see the offer letter below.

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