You’ve told us that poor in-home network set up is preventing customers from getting the most out of their high-speed broadband connections and that this is driving support calls and cost into your business.

We have been thinking about how we could expand the role of our technicians so that they can, upon request, offer value-add onsite services to help improve the in-home broadband network experience.

We’d like to work with interested retail service providers to refine our thinking and build a test/learn framework.

There are several user stories that could potentially benefit from in-home support services. These include, but are not limited to new fibre installs, intact fibre and copper connections.

Our working assumption is that a trained technician will have a framing conversation on site with the end-user, will be able to connect a set number of devices and complete a walkthrough checklist/audit to identify network optimisation opportunities. During this visit the technician could also install a Wi-Fi mesh system and/or provide a quote for complex wiring solutions (additional costs will apply for both).

We aim to test the concept and perform technician visits, with up to 12 Auckland based households. You'll find on this page all the details and resources related to the project. 


Meet our project team


Hamish Buchanan, Product Owner, Consumer Connectivity 

Neeraj Agarwal, Proposition Manager, Consumer Connectivity 

Sarah Brook, Customer Experience Designer 

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