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With the number of Intact connections now exceeding installs, we want to ensure customers are having a seamless experience. Our vision is about ensuring customers who get connected at a location where fibre is already intact*, have a frictionless experience, because Chorus and their retail service providers have a truly customer focused approach – enabled by collaboration, robust processes, data and technology. 

Value proposition for retail service providers

For you, this programme is about:

And of course, improving your customer satisfaction scores. 


As a result of earlier engagement with you, we have developed some guiding design principles to inform Chorus’ approach for the future-state experience. They are intended to shape a new approach to the Intact end-to-end experience that puts empathy and the voice of the consumer at the heart of everything we do.



Current focus

Our team is currently focusing on three areas: 

1. Intact journey comms & awareness

  • Deliver improved intact content on Chorus website, which is aligned with our end-customer’s key communications for their intact journey
  • End-customer and RSP benefits:
    • Improve CX by aligning comms and expectation setting
    • Reduction in missing ONT power cable delays
    • Reduction in cancellations and rework.

2. Redesign Abandonments

  • Redesign the process to connect new end-customers to an active ONT when moving to an address the already has an active connection
  • End-customer and RSP benefits:
    • Improve CX by reducing delays and cancellations, reducing effort to connect, and meeting commitments
    • Reduction in cancellations, delays and rework.

3. Enhance experience based on ONT Status

  • Design tailored experiences based on the status of the ONT to reduce effort and connect right first time
  • End-customer and RSP benefits:
    • Improve CX by meeting commitments, reducing delays, expectation setting, and reducing effort
    • Reduction in missing ONT power cable delays.

*An Intact is an order for a fibre service where fibre has already been installed in the premises. This includes moving to a house where fibre was installed previously, changing the fibre set up in a house, changing RSP, making a change to an existing plan or disconnecting a fibre service.

Intact Support Trial

Improving the customer journey for intact fibre orders and test its potential.



To help deliver improvements at pace we’re taking an agile approach, because of this, plus any unexpected Covid-19 or technology constraints the dates below may change. We’ll let you know as soon as possible if anything does.

July - Aug 2020

Intact Support trial

Intact Support trial

Sept - Oct 2020

Redesign abandonments

RSP co-design workshops; TCF discussions on code.

19 Oct 2020

Intacts Support interim process implemented

Intacts Support interim process implemented (for grey/black ONT status)

19 Oct - 5 Nov 20

Intact Support process trialled

Intact Support process trialled (for green ONT status)

Aug - Dec 2020

Intact journey comms & awareness

Customer testing and interviews; Insights and learning shared with industry; RSP comms guide published; Update Chorus website with move of address information.

Jan - Jun 2021

Intact features implemented

Intact features implemented (multiple drops)

What's next

Next steps

  • Share results of the Intact Support Green Status ONT trial
  • Re-engage in early 2021 on the overall transformation programme, progress to date and next steps.
  • As timelines are confirmed for further Intact features where system changes are required, we’ll continue to provide you with 90 days’ formal notification.

Meet our project team

Kayn Miller

Business Owner

Tracy Belcher

Service Delivery Lead

Sarah Brook

Customer Experience Designer

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